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Client from Kirklees' Testimonial

We came to know about hands on holistics and Andrea through a friend who was already attending sessions for reflexology and had conceived, but if I am honest i was a little bit sceptical. We had been trying for a few years to try and conceive but hadn't succeeded so far. I initially booked one session to see if this would work for me or if i felt comfortable . From the outset Andrea was professional yet very friendly. Trying to conceive can be very stressful and cause untold amounts of tension and pressure. My ongoing sessions with Andrea helped me feel relaxed and re filled me with enthusiasm and hope. Not only did i feel relaxed but i began to feel the benefits in the way my body felt . I feel Andrea has unique skills, a great deal of knowledge and is excellent at what she does. What also impressed me was Andrea is very empathic and so likeable that i would look forward to our sessions. She would always provide grounded and kind advice and even gave me books and reference material to borrow. Hands on holistics has definitely helped me in my health , general wellbeing and now i can happily say i am the proud mother of a newborn baby. I have and would recomend hands on holistics to anyone who is the same situation. I believe reflexology and the other treatments provided by Andrea would benefit everyone . Me and my baby look forward to Andrea's continued support and being regular customers for the years to come.

Jodie's Testimonial

I decided to try maternity reflexology after suffering 2 miscarriages, Andrea was brilliant & on my first session picked up from the reflexology that I could be pregnant & it turned out I was! I continued having reflexology all the way throughout my pregnancy until my due date, I didn't suffer any backache, sickness, swollen feet etc & I had a big bump! The reflexology really helped & also it was nice to have an hours relaxation! I now have a gorgeous healthy baby girl & had a great pregnancy & will definitely be going back to Andrea with baby number 2 & would recommend her to anyone!

Rezina's Testimonial

I cannot speak more highly about the treatment I received from Andrea during my last pregnancy. I was recommended reflexology as I was suffering from sciatica and was therefore having significant pain in my lower back and legs. I found Andrea and little did I realise how much she was going to help me. I was amazed at the amount she could tell me about my health and my pregnancy just from my feet and the sessions were the most relaxing and pleasant hour and a half I have ever had. After the first session there was some improvement to my back pain and I slept like a dream, and by the third session my sciatica was gone. I continued to attend, looking forward each week to a period of time where I was completely relaxed and comfortable, which is rare during pregnancy, and the benefits continued. I then had a visit to the midwife and discovered that my baby was tranverse and lying across my stomach, I remembered back to Andrea saying that she had had previous success in turning babies so I contacted her immediately. I visited Andrea on the Friday morning, and that evening at my baby shower my tummy felt different and my baby was moving differently. I dare not get to excited but a visit to the midwife on the Monday confirmed that my baby was now lying head down. Andrea is fantastic at what she does, but is also a lovely person which makes the sessions all the more enjoyable. I would recommend her to anyone, pregnant or not!

Lucy's testimonial Click here

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